2n6725 data sheet

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2n6725 data sheet

2N6043 integrated circuits, 2N6044 datasheet search, Semiconductors, 2N6044, diodes 2n6725 , 2N6044, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , datasheets, 2N6043G other semiconductors. Specifications : Transistor Polarity: NPN: Collector Emitter Voltage V( br) ceo: 40V: Transition Frequency Typ ft: 400MHz: DC Collector Current: 1. package dimensions section on page 5 of. Request Fairchild Semiconductor 2N6726: TRANS PNP MED PWR 30V 2A TO- 237 online from Elcodis view , download 2N6726 pdf datasheet Transistors ( BJT) - Single specifications. Parameters and Characteristics. zetex fzta64 2n6725 zsm330c zlnbq16 2n6716 fmmt38c zvn1409a zc930ta ztx789a zsr850g zxcl1260h5 zrc330f01 zxcl200h5 zrc500n801 zxm62n02e6ta zra245n801 fmmt549a. MPSW45G One Watt Darlington Transistors NPN Silicon. Power Transistors TO- 237 Case * * Not recommended for new designs. 2N6720 datasheet, cross.

comPower TransistorsTO- 237 Case95* * Not recommended for new designs. 2N6725; Zetex ; 60 V Npn Silicon Planar 2n6725 Medium Power Darlington Transistor ; 2N6725; Zetex ; 60 V Npn Silicon Planar Medium Power Darlington. 5A: Power Dissipation Pd. 2N6725 datasheet cross reference, circuit application notes in pdf format. Shaded areas indicate Darlington. MPSA28D26Z 2N6725/ 2n6725 D81Z, FMMT614, KSP14, NTE48, ZTX605SM MPSW14. 2n6725 data sheet. ICPD BVCBO BVCEOhFE datasheet search integrated circuits, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , Semiconductors, datasheets, 2n6725 diodes 2n6725 other semiconductors. 2N6725 Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N6725 Equivalent.

000 40 000 1 000 1. 2N6725: NPN Darlington Transistor: Zetex Semiconductors: 10: 2N6726: PNP SILICON PLANAR MEDIUM POWER TRANSISTORS: Zetex Semiconductors: 11: 2N6727: PNP SILICON PLANAR. 95 Shaded areas indicate Darlington. NPN 2N6714 2N6715 2N6716 2N6717 2N6718 2N6719 2N6720 2N6721 2N6722 2N6723 2N6724 2N6725 2N6731 2N6733 2N6734 2N6735 2N6737* CENW01 CENW01A.

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导航: ok电子元器件资料网 > 电子元器件器品牌 > zetex datasheet > zetex- 25. 2N6725 ( Not Recommended) 2N6726 ( Not Recommended) 2N6727 ( Not Recommended) 2N6728 ( Discontinued) 2N6729 ( Discontinued) 2N6730 ( Discontinued) 2N6731 ( Discontinued) 2N6732 ( Discontinued) 2N7000 ( Discontinued) 2N7000P ( Discontinued) 2N; 2N7002AX ( Not Recommended) 2N7002DWKX; 2N7002V ( Not Recommended) 2N7002VA ( Not Recommended) 3. zetex zxcp330e6 zvn2106g zxf103q16tc zsr600g bf621 bsr43 zxre1004en8 zumt807- 40 ztx550 bcx69- 25 znbg3113q20 2n6725 zsm300c zrc250y01 zr285n802 zumts20 zxt12p20dxtc bcx38a bcw66fr zxm61p03ftc bcp56- 10 zvn4424a fzt591 zvnl120a zrc400y02 bfs20 ztx704 mpsh10p zxbmta zxmn3a02x8ta. Request Fairchild Semiconductor 2N6719: NPN HIGH VOLTAGE POWER 300V online from Elcodis, view and download 2N6719 pdf datasheet, Transistors ( BJT) - Single specifications.

2n6725 data sheet

2N6725; Zetex ; 60 V, Npn Silicon Planar Medium Power Darlington Transistor ; 2N6726; Zetex ; 40 V, Pnp Silicon Planar Medium Power Transistor ; 2N6727; Zetex ; 50 V, Pnp Silicon Planar Medium Power Transistor ; 2N6727; Zetex ; 50 V, Pnp Silicon Planar Medium Power Transistor ; 2N6731; Zetex ; 100 V, Npn Silicon Planar Medium Power Transistor. Home » Datasheet Dioda » DATASHEET TRANSISTOR, DIODA, FET. Sunday, December 14,.